SmugMug Update

Vladimir is making great progress updating our photo galleries on SmugMug.  About 500 photos have been uploaded to date and he should have the remainder ready by the end of the week.  All pictures are full resolution and can be printed via SmugMug or on your own.  Some post-processing has been done however no retouching so feel free to manage this yourselves.  This photo sharing site was meant to be interactive so please feel free to comment, rate or add captions.  We really do appreciate the feedback!  Vladimir has done an incredible job documenting the tour, but he was also a chaperone and therefore did not have flexibility to roam at will.  Apologies in advance for not representing everyone equally.  We welcome the addition of your own photos to the gallery.  Please use this link:

Please use your judgment and upload only the best photos.  If you can caption and sort into the categories already existing that would be greatly appreciated.  Cheers!

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2 Responses to SmugMug Update

  1. ypso says:

    We are up to about 750 pictures covering the first 8 days. A couple more days and I’ll be done. Haven’t seen any comments or uploads so far…

  2. ypso says:

    I finished uploading . This came to more than 1000 pictures for the tour. Haven’t seen any uploads or comments, but hope they will come.


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