Day 10: We’re back!

We safely returned home with no students lost or instruments damaged in flight.  Comment from two weary musicians as we waited to re-enter at customs:  “That was such a great tour, I wouldn’t have changed anything.”

Thank you so much to all the friends and family who supported YPSO and the tour this year.

Thank you so much to the team of energetic, dedicated chaperones who kept everyone safe and on time:

  • Kari and Kevin Dimler
  • Ann and Jack Eastman
  • Elena and Vladimir Gurevich
  • Shelly Gin Lee
  • Lynn Mackay
  • Denise and Rob Olson
  • Dave Wolf
  • Juliana Wong

Thank you to Susan Mann, our tour manager who steered us through the rough rapids so quietly and efficiently that our musicians could have this unique cultural experience without even knowing about the turbulence.

Most of all, thank you to David Ramadanoff whose extraordinary devotion to music and whose faith in young musicians made it possible for them to have this experience of a lifetime.

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