Day 8: YPSO at play

The YPSO musicians work hard to produce beautiful music together.  Following last night’s concert they therefore are very deserving of a day at play!

We so enjoyed the taste of the Hofburg earlier this week that we decided to return to visit the ancient musical instrument exhibit.  There were some very interesting prequels of violins, harps, pianos, trumpets and many more.  While wandering the marble slabbed halls of the Hofburg salons we bumped into our New Jersey Youth Orchestra colleagues at the museum.  It was great for David to meet his counterpart and we look forward to Thursday evening’s event with our new friends.

For a change, chaperones found gourmet edibles at local shops so students could lunch en plein air on the green outside the Schonbrunn.

World Projects reserved three guided audio tour sessions for us at Schonbrunn Palace, the residence of the Habsburg emperors, particularly known as the former Rococo summer residence of the much beloved Empress Sisi.  All I can say is Wunderbar!  Our students agreed.

Our next stop was the Belvedere Museum, a Baroque palace housing the new Museum of Contemporary Art.  There was a remarkable collection of fine art, but the most well-attended salon contained Gustav Klimt, extremely popular with our YPSO art aficionados.

We are not solely dedicated to intellectual pursuits…There’s nothing like Wiener Prater which contains Wurstelprater amusement park to help our kids let loose.  Extreme cavorting !

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One Response to Day 8: YPSO at play

  1. Bridget says:

    Great seeing the pics AND hearing the commentary of our now returned musicians. Mine were enthralled with the Palaces. They have read biographies of Empress Sissi and it was surreal to walk through a bit of her life.

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