Day 6: YPSO has it their way!

Although the weatherman brought us rain, sun and wind, we would not let it affect our mood.  It was going to be a great day!

The tremendous city of Vienna has so much history, art and culture to offer, we had a difficult decision setting the day’s itinerary.  In the end, we let our musicians’ diverse interests lead the way.  Fortunately for us, the most important Viennese museums are located in the compact area known as the Museum Quarter.

In the center of this area is a statue of Kaiser Maria Theresa that turned out to be the perfect meeting spot for YPSO.  We formed three chaperone groups and had the students select their favorite activity.

The first group set off for the Hofburg, home to the Hapsburg and containing a rich collection of imperial treasures.

The second group admired paintings in the Kunst Museum whose fine art spanned several centuries and architectural style was truly stunning in and of itself.  The third group quickly navigated the Architecture Museum then switched into the Kunst as well.  

We regrouped for lunch and headed over to the Naschmarkt, a lively area with all manner of cuisines.

In the afternoon we looked forward to entering the hallowed St. Stephens Cathedral and were not disappointed by the grand stained glass and dramatic ceilings.

We finished our afternoon in downtown Vienna with some free time to shop, partake in supper and even wander to the home where Mozart wrote the Marriage of Figaro.

After spending the day crawling through the downtown area, it was a pleasure to get a breath of fresh air and a fresh perspective across the Danube and 165 meters above at the Danube Tower.  Danube Tower has a circular 4-story platform with cafe and observation decks.

The restaurant slowly revolves so patrons can take in the entire Vienna City panorama while imbibing!

There is a romantic atmosphere if you can find a quiet spot away from the crowds.

It was a banner day!

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2 Responses to Day 6: YPSO has it their way!

  1. Crystal says:

    Aah….wish I was there!

  2. Eileen says:

    Shelly, thanks for a captivating account of the days in Prague and Vienna. I can see why my kid is so engaged that she has not emailed home for a few days…..but the blog and pictures filled the void. Thanks.

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