Day 5: YPSO is rolling…onto Vienna

We departed Prague this morning both pumped up and fatigued from a concert at which everyone clearly gave 110%! The musicians enjoyed “travel” day on our coaches as it gave us a chance to recharge our batteries and spend some down time together.  We drove just 150 kilometers to uneventfully cross the open border with Austria.

Then took a pit stop at the Excalibur rest area where some not only visited the WC or purchased a light refreshment at the supermarket with their last few Koruna coins, they also took a ride on Zero Gravity!  Austrians know how to road trip 🙂

When we made our landing in Vienna the buses dropped us off in the city center’s Kartner Strasse where we exchanged our various CZK/$ for Euros and stopped in Rosenbergers for a precious nibble.  Austria is far more cosmopolitan and civilized than Prague but with that comes a bump in prices.

The Vienna city center is dense with lovely monuments and architectural gems, blending harmoniously old and new styles.  Our coaches were joined by several local guides who pointed out highlights and took us on a brief walking tour of the Hundertwasser Villas.

World Projects reserved half of the famous Augustina Keller Restaurant for YPSO to dine on traditional Austrian fare – wienerschnitzel in a boisterous and warm atmosphere.

We were celebrating Maureen’s Birthday in great style!


Some YPSO members have been inspired by the Austrian accordion player to really express themselves!

Our final activity of the day was a trip to the Haus der Musik, a special museum dedicated to music and sound.  Our tour planners were able to open up the museum just for us this evening from 8-10 so we could experience the exhibits on our own.

This photo shows the “womb room” designed to simulate the sights and sounds in utero.  We are an imaginative bunch that will take this relaxation right into bed tonight.

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One Response to Day 5: YPSO is rolling…onto Vienna

  1. Liza Ring says:

    Shelly–love your narrative and observations of the trip! Like other parents, I am missing my girl, but glad to see that the trip has been fun and exciting so far.

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