Day 3: Touring Prague

This morning YPSO invaded the breakfast buffet at the Hotel Ibis.  We were not in our intimidating periwinkle shirts but did come armed with our instruments.  It was quite a sight!  We spent our day visiting the Old Town in Prague.

The buses are not allowed in much of this hallowed district so we toured via foot in smaller groups with local guides.

The Estates Theatre which premiered Mozart’s Don Giovani in the 18th Century and brought to the fore again by the motion picture Amadeus provoked oohs and aahs from the kids, chaperones and staff.

We also enjoyed the Jewish quarters and Old Town Square’s gorgeous architecture, but perhaps the highlight was hiking up the City Hall tower to enjoy 360 degree panoramas over the city and beyond.

This day, both lunch and dinner were taken on our own which provided opportunities to explore local cuisine.  Our boys found the spekacek (traditional Czech sausage) and trdelnik (tube-shaped pastry) quite tasty.  As usual, our very professional musicians finished the day with a rehearsal in the State Opera House.  We play hard and sleep hard-sometimes at the same time!

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4 Responses to Day 3: Touring Prague

  1. TracyM says:

    Great update! The blog is the next best thing to being there, thanks for the stories and photos!!

  2. Frances says:

    Thanks for the update!

  3. Amy O. S. says:

    Thank you to all of the various bloggers! This is almost as good as being a “fly on the wall.” And, I especially love the closing comments and accompanying photo to the Day 3 entry. To be able to sleep anywhere is a skill to be cherished.

  4. Renee Russo says:

    Wonderful blog! thanking for catching the great moment. Love them!!

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