Uploading pictures to SmugMug

We’ve just found out that the internet connection in the hotel is REALLY slow. So slow it is, that uploading even low resolution pictures to SmugMug doesn’t seem to be practical.

Until we can find a place with a better connection, we might need to wait and restrict ourselves with the occasional blog pictures only. In the worst case, we’ll publich everything once we are back home, but I hope that Vienna has better connectivity.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but do not worry — the pictures ARE being taken.

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2 Responses to Uploading pictures to SmugMug

  1. Eduardo says:

    In case you don’t have the wifi finder app, try Mcdonald’s @ Museum of Communism few blocks south-east of old town square. It shows that is served by T-Mobil.

    • ypso says:

      Thanks, Eduardo! I saw the McDonalds, but it is not possible to stop for a Wi-fi, while having the kids in the tow 🙂 BTW, our hotel is also served by T-Mobile, not sure why it is so bad.


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