Up in the air

Some people like flying. Some hate airports, check-in and security screening. You might think that getting 100+ kids through the security and on the plane is a big deal. Some of you probably even felt sorry for the chaperones.

Guess what? There were NO problems with our fabulous YPSO kids. Everything went quite smoothly. After passing through the security, we got to the gate. After some quiet chatting, our grow(l)ing teenagers started to feel hungry. The most well-prepared ones started pulling out sandwiches that they brought from home and others went to a nearby eatery to grab something. Soon the waiting area started to look like a restaurant-on-the-floor, casino, library and a chatting room at the same time.

Soon the boarding started. Most of the time kids got assigned to fairly random seats. No problem! Everyone just took their seat without any fuss or complaints. Once the plane was in the air, an amazing process started. Quietly, quickly, but very efficiently they negotiated with their friends and neighbors and soon everyone was sitting with whomever they preferred to be with.

Flight attendants were really understanding and helpful. Nobody bothered us with the “do not congregate in the isles” rule.

The A-380 plane is really nice. Everyone got an individual multimedia system with the movies, music, games, etc.

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2 Responses to Up in the air

  1. Frances says:

    Thanks all the chaperones and Wendy!!
    Please keep post the pictures…..it’s great to share with all the parents……..and see all the kids enjoy everyday.
    Go!Go! chaperones…………thank you everyone to help and take care of our kids. 🙂

  2. Bobi Sanderson says:


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