The first rehearsal in Prague


At our last meeting Monday night at Crowden, Wendy and Susan Mann our fearless leaders stressed that the most important quality that our young musicians should possess on this trip is flexibility.  There were a few bumps in the road as there are with any journey but our YPSO musicians, chaperones and staff survived with flying colors.  You can see the many things that comprised our day (s) in the previous posts from Vladimir.  Day 2 culminated with a short rehearsal at a conference center near the posh restaurant where we dined on traditional Czech fare.  It was quite a site to see the 100+ students with two buses and two trailers unloading and carting instruments down the cobblestone streets.  We managed to bring/rent all necessary instruments and were able to play a full rehearsal.  Wow!  We are a tired crew who really appreciate the fluffy pillows at the Hotel Ibis tonight.

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One Response to The first rehearsal in Prague

  1. Karen Blixt says:

    Yippie! Wish I could hear it.

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