Money for meals

Here is a sample estimator, that you can use. Below are the sample prices for meals (probably on the higher end of the spectrum):

Here are all the “on your own” meals with the said prices and totals:

Lunch Dinner
Prague 15 25
Bratislava 15
Vienna 20 40

Please, note that in Prague you have to pay in Kronor, while in Bratislava and Vienna Euros will be used, but all these prices are in US dollars.

Date City Lunch Dinner Total
6/21/2012 Prague 15 15
6/22/2012 Prague 15 25 40
6/23/2012 Prague 15 15
6/24/2012 En route to Vienna 20 20
6/25/2012 Vienna 20 40 60
6/26/2012 Bratislava 15 15
6/27/2012 Vienna 20 40 60
Total 225

Obviously, meals can be much more expensive, especially in “nice” places, but most probably kids will grab quick meals of the stands and go. Remember, that these prices are for sit-down places — street food in much cheaper.

We’ll try to publish some tips, but I’d recommend visiting the great site, Wikitravel. There is an “Eat” section for each city and it provides some basic info on what to try, because there are a lot of things they will not be able to find here in the US. We (the chaperones) will be providing some advice as well.

Keep in mind that many teenagers need more than 3 meals a day, though. We recommend giving them some nutritious snacks and packing them in their suitcases.  Nutrition bars sounds like a good, compact option.

All, in all that looks like $200-$250 to be on the safe side.

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2 Responses to Money for meals

  1. TracyM says:

    Thank you for estimating meal costs, this is a big help!

  2. ypso says:

    Just checked some local places. A footlong sandwich – $7, a bowl of soup: $2.50, sala with chicken: $4.50 Pastries are cheap: $1 or $2. Entrees in the restaurant we ate (just entrees, nothing else) are $12.

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