Electronic Communication during the Tour

It looks like many kids are going bring their smartphones/iPods/iPads/laptops and other devices that provide internet access. Here are a couple of things I’d like you to remember:

  1. Cellphone roaming is expensive, but data roaming is super-expensive. Unless you really like paying unexpected bills in excess of $1000, you kids phones should have data roaming disabled. In fact, I’d suggest disabling all cellular activity.  I know, you instructed them on the proper use, but their unsuspecting friends or, worse, telemarketers will continue calling or texting them as if they are in the US. These will cost you, not to mention that such calls/texts will most likely take place in the middle of the night.
  2. Wi-Fi access will be available in both hotels and quite probably in other places and is the best way to put these gadgets to use. The access can be free or not. In general, if the device connects and you can browse the web, you have it.
  3. The beauty of Wi-Fi is that once you have the connection, you are free to use any protocol.  For example, if you install Skype on their phones and on your computers, you can have free audio and even vdeo calls.
  4. Encourage your kids to take pictures. They can email them to you or share them on the blog — chaperoes will always be happy to help.
  5. If there are any technical questions, Mr.Gurevich is always available to answer them.

See you in the virtual world!

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