Suggested Packing List

Here is a suggested (but not an exhaustive) list of things to take on the trip

  • YPSO Stuff
    1. Concert attire
      • To be carried as hand luggage
    2. Concert shoes
      • Enough socks/stockings for all the performances
    3. Your instrument (if applicable)
    4. Extras for your instrument (strings, reeds, valve oil, etc.).
      • Reed knifes and screwdrivers can only go into the checked in baggage
    5. Orchestra Folder
      • Stamitz Symphony (selected YPSO strings)
      • Smetana. Vltava
      • Rimsky-Korsakov. Capriccio Espagnol
      • Dvorak Slavonic. Dance
      • Dvorak Scherzo. Capriccioso
      • Bruch. Violin Concerto
      • Debussy. La Mer
    6. Music stand for the improvised rehearsals
      • Please, label the stand with your name
      • People who share the stand may coordinate and bring one
      • Remember, there might be other playing opportunities (especially if you lose all your money 🙂 )
  • Clothing
    1. Suitable clothing for 10 days
      • Europe is a nice place and people dress nicely there
      • Jeans/pants/shorts
      • Shirts/T-Shirts
      • Socks
      • Pajamas
      • Underwear
    2. Walking shoes
      •  Trying to walk in flip-flops or high-heeled shoes on cobblestones will certainly result in great personal injury
    3. YPSO T-shirt
    4. Travel-size clothing detergent (e.g., for hotel room sink) to wash the said T-shirt
    5. Hat
    6. Light rain gear
    7. Sun glasses
    8. Plastic bag for soiled clothes
  • Personal Stuff
    1. Toiletries (make sure all the containers are suitable for airline travel and do not leak)
      • Toothbrush and toothpaste (in a small tube) and comb  go in your hand luggage
      • Shampoo, shaving kit, cosmetics, etc. go into the suitcase
      • Sunscreen goes into the suitcase
      • Scent-free deodorant
      • Whenever you pack liquids or gels in your hand luggage, please, remember the “3-1-1 rule”
        • 3.4 ounces (100ml) total volume
        • 1 clear plastic bag where you put all these small containers
        • 1 such bad per passenger
      • Careful with the hairdryers — they might not work in Europe (with 220V)
        • In Prague (Hotel Ibis Karlin), call the reception desk to get one
    2. Your (prescription) medications, if applicable
    3. Snacks suitable for airline travel
    4. Self-entertainment
      • Book / magazine / chess set or cards / note pad & pen / pencil / dictionary
    5. Money
      • Cash
      • ATM debit and/or credit card
        • Make sure your bank is notified in advance that you will be traveling abroad
    6. Backpack for the daily use
    7. Small gifts or tokens from California to give away to new friends, e.g., post cards from San Francisco, etc
    8. Latest issue of your local newspaper (see this post)
  • High Tech Stuff
    1. Camera / Camcorder / iPod
      • Do not forget the charger
        • Most modern chargers work in 110-230V range, but better check
      • Extra batteries go into the suitcase
    2. European plug adapter(s)
      • If you have any equipment that requires 110V only, you will need a transformer
    3. Cell phone / SIM Card /Charger
  • Documents
    1. Passport
      • YPSO staff will be taking care of it
    2. Copies of your ATM/credit card (to be stored separately in your suitcase)
    3. Emergency contact information, wallet size
    4. YPSO business cards (if applicable)
  • Most important — wonderful attitude
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